The HTP Premium Diesel Difference

What makes HTP Premium Diesel so special?
  • Treated 365 days a year with Power Service.

  • No Biodiesel. Ever.

  • Better MPG’s.

  • More Power.

  • Improved lubricity.

  • Anti-gel in cold weather months.

HTP Premium Diesel Rewards

To show our appreciation to our customers, we offer great rewards every time you fuel at HTP. Use these rewards in the convenience store or Timber Valley Restaurant. Our HTP rewards include:

  • HTP Steak card points for every gallon of fuel purchased.
  • Fuel purchase earns you a free coffee or fountain drink.
  • Fuel purchase earns a free world class shower as well.
  • Kwik Rewards is also accepted here

HTP Bucks are redeemable for any purchase in the store or the restaurant with the exception of lottery, tobacco, beer and fuel. Choose the HTP Steak card for a free $24.99 24oz T-bone steak when you accumulate 2500 points.